In Empathic Exit: Physician-Assisted Suicide, Dr. Viorel Verka, M.D., explores the ways in which our society can re-think its historical views about death and dying, and begin a new era of freedom of choice for those who face untenable, life-threatening situations and excruciating pain, giving them the right to die with comfort and dignity.

Up until now, there has been little guidance on what to consider regarding physician-assisted suicide, or PAS. Using facts, scientific evidence and extensive historical research, Dr. Verka creates a fair-minded, objective “window” through which to view PAS.

In the process, Empathic Exit aims to demystify biases and misconceptions that, together, have crippled the U.S. health care system and artificially created inadequacies in both quality and quantity of care for the dying. 

Empathic Exit is a loud trumpet call to both the U.S. citizenry and the world, at large, signaling both for a revitalized sense of compassion (indeed, compassion in action!) and a need for change: to replace the old, outdated views of—and laws relating to—death and dying, views and laws which have been powerfully influenced and managed heavy-handedly by single-minded religious leaders and politicians for centuries. 

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